Prelude - Zany Look Into Scripture #0

Hey Uncle Prayor?

Eh kiddo! Call me Uncle P. !

Eh.. ok. What are you reading?

I'm reading that 'ol story of how Moses defeated Pharaoh in Egypt again! God Really gave that boy a good whoopin'!

Mom says I can't use that word.

What did I say? Which one?

The G word.

Oh, I see. Well then, let's not use the G word them. Let's call Him, oh let's see, Daddy?

But I already call dad "daddy"!

Ok, well let's call Him, ah that's it, Lord.

Lord has a lot of names. I only have one name. lots of boys at school are named it too.

And what's that, my boy?


And do you know why are have that name?

Mom and dad gave it to me.

Haha, well that, but there is another reason. See this book here? It's filled will amassing stories- true ones too! And one of them is of someone named Jacob.

What is the book called.

The Bible!

The Bible?

The Bible.

I used to go to church and they would talk about The Bible, but some kids told me it was old and stupid, and then we stopped going.

Don't call them old. In fact I tell you, we need the stories in here more than ever! But not a lot of people know that so that's why they call it stupid.

Mmm I don't think so. All of the kids play with these kids so they are smart!

Boy, you got a lot to learn. Here, want to read with me?

No! They also said that they hate reading. That's why I don't like reading.

Ok, well you just sit there and listen and I'll just say what it says out loud to you.

O-ok Uncle P.

Let's see, where do I start? Oh here is a good place. "In the beginning God created the--"

Uncle P.! It's Lord!

Haha, that's right. (such a good boy) "In the beginning The Lord..."


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