First Disciples- A Zany Look at Matthew Chapter 4 (Part 3)

People must have thought this guy was crazy! He uses a lot of big words and stuff like "repent" and "Kingdom". I'm not sure if I like it. Who is going to follow a guy who does all that crazy talk?

I'll tell you who followed him. When Jesus was taking a walk on the beach, he saw two brothers named Peter and Andrew who were fishing. Jesus saw them and was like "Hey, come with me fish for people instead!"

Fish for people? Ew! What does that mean?

It means that Jesus is going to teach them how to find more people to follow Jesus.

Why can't Jesus just do it himself?

Jesus needs people to take on the duty of growing his ministry after he had left.

So Jesus still needed more followers, a little farther up the shore he found James and John fixing their fishing nets with their dad, but immediately as the brothers heard Jesus calling to them- Whoosh! They left their father in the dust and Jesus had two more disciples!


The Disciples were the people who followed Jesus as he performed miracles, when he spoke to the crowds, and so on. They were with him through it all- most of the time.

Imagine it. Jesus knew just the right people to ask that they would drop what they were doing at follow him! Now think of the humongous crowds that surrounded him as he preached the good news
about Heaven and as he healed any sickness! He traveled through Galilee teaching in synagogues.

Ok, I know you are making up words now. What the heck is a synagogue!?

A synagogue is like a church, where they would worship God and learn about him. However, before Jesus came there was only the Old Testament of the Bible. The Jews who were and still are today the ones that go to synagogues, have been waiting for a great savior to come, but Jesus was not what they had in mind.

News about Jesus spread far, very far, all the way to other countries like Syria, and soon all over the world! However, no one at that time had any idea what was going to come from this Jesus.


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